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I took the time to read all the comments, but I really liked the article. It proved to be very helpful to me, and I believe all the critics here! Always good when you can not just be told.
Stephanie Smith - 5 Jan 2014
I really like Fran's photos and Earle's abstracts. I am a fellow Artsites artist and found you in the directory. Cheers!
Patty Benson - 19 Oct 2013
Wonderful website Fran n' Earle .. and awesome pics. Miss seeing you two around here. Steve and I hope you are healthy and happy in your new home.
Leslee Tassie - 28 May 2013
I Love your work.
Heather Guinyou - 26 Mar 2013
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Boards - 2 Nov 2012
Happy to see that both of you are well and continuing to create amazing works of art. Best Wishes to both of you. Cathy
Cathy Duck - 24 Aug 2012
I have admired your art from afar for awhile as I am a friend of your good son, Steve. My theory on photography is that some of the best shots are taken where people seldom go - and it reawakens them, through your shots, to parts of their world that they're missing. You two must go to some pretty wild places together and your work is marvelous - especially when it comes to the use of colour. I do hope I can see a show sometime.
fran and earle - 14 Aug 2012
Dear Fran & Earle, It was so awesome to meet you two at Sue's opening. I hope to see your work up at the Station Arts Centre real soon. Your images speak volumes to me. I especially love the 'coffee cup' image and all the patterns and colour in your work. Sincerely, Shirley Hokke www.hokke.ca or my newest work can be viewed on my blog at http:\\shirleyhokke.blogspot.ca or, for a wider art selection check out www.artscountry.ca
Shirley Hokke - 8 Aug 2012
We missed the "Next/Previous" buttons the first time we accessed the site. As usual, breathtaking photography.
Lew & Laura - 20 Jan 2012
It has probably been 30 or 35 years since we first admired your photographic art in your Scarborough home. We are looking forward to seeing more on this website and at upcoming events
Lew & Laura - 20 Jan 2012
just got here and wanted to let you know it
Murray Bogart - 14 Jan 2012
As always, your pictures are beautiful & impressive. Sorry it took so long for me to get to your site. Lots of success to you both in your artistic creativity. Best regards, Chris
Chris Everingham - 19 Dec 2011
Well I think these two treasures are the "Bees Knees" as they say, with a body of work and breadth of stylist endeavour that truly has to be seen in person which is why my gal pal and I will be making the trek to Tillsonburg Ontario this Xmas to reapprise ourselves of their most recent works as indeed you all should at youe earliest convenience. Cheers to you both! Steve/ Ellen.
Stephen Barr/ Elle Besen - 9 Dec 2011
Love your works; especially the depth of field. Hard to pick a favorite! Where is the wool art? Cheers!
Saundra Turnbull - 2 Oct 2011
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